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Nov. 18th, 2006 | 03:55 pm
posted by: lutinvert in asian4caucasian

Hi! I'm a 28 year old "white" woman and I'm incredibly attracted to Asian men. I live about an hour or so south of Chicago. Currently, my life is a complete and total mess, but I am also in the slow process of fixing it. That's what one does, right? If you really want to hear about the mess you can send me a private message or whatever. I'm a paralegal student at the local community college. I like to write creatively, read, cook, further my iPod addiction, watch movies, walk, and generally spend far too much time in my head. Oh and I also love anime and manga. Now, that might seem like the origin of my attraction toward Asian men, but it's not. My love of Asian history and culture has only a little to do with the attraction. My closest friend, whom I've been friends with for basically my whole life, only has a tiny bit to do with it also. He's an American of Chinese descent, by the way. Although, I bet if you asked him he would say he's the only reason for my attraction. He's got a little bit of an over-sized ego going on. The root of my attraction is connection I made with a very beautiful Asian man about ten years ago. I wrote a piece of literary non-fiction about him once. Maybe I will post it here, but it sways into the realm of erotica in some places. Anyway, he treated me more carefully than anyone ever has in my life. I can't forget him, and my attraction to Asian men is proof of that fact.

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Sabertooth Kitty

(no subject)

from: sabertooth_kit
date: Nov. 18th, 2006 10:44 pm (UTC)

Wow, you sound a lot like me. :) Welcome!

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from: lutinvert
date: Nov. 19th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)

I was thinking the same thing when I read your intro! :)

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